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Carli Dovidio, Reiki Master and intuitive energy practitioner, radiating warmth and compassion in her dedicated commitment to fostering healing, authenticity, and alignment.


Reiki Master

Carli is an intuitive energy work practitioner specializing in Reiki and Theta Healing modalities, dedicated to promoting personal awareness and optimal healing.

Her journey into practicing energy work began 17 years ago when curiosity led her to delve deeper into this transformative field. As her interest grew, Carli achieved the status of Reiki Master. In her practice, she collaborates with the luminous energy of the white light, angels, prophets, and pays homage to Master Usi, the founder of Reiki energy.

Carli's mission on this earth is clear: to facilitate healing and offer unwavering support to those in need. She feels immense gratitude for the opportunity to engage in this sacred work. In her view, energy work possesses the remarkable ability to both soothe and heal the body, in the same breath, creating a profound sense of balance and vitality.

Central to Carli's belief system is the idea that we are the architects of our own lives, whether we do so consciously or subconsciously. She is a firm advocate for raising awareness of our programming, as this awareness grants us the power to make essential shifts and adjustments, ultimately enabling us to lead lives in alignment with our deepest truths. Carli is committed to helping individuals manifest their fullest potential and embrace lives filled with healing, authenticity, and alignment.


Carli  Dovidio

Sunday: 10:30am - 11:30am

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